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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Welcome to The Guitar Zombie, it's premiere

Preface by Douglas Blair from WASP & signal2noise
"I suggest that all of you follow The Guitar Zombie from now on. Why? Because the fingers are the autobahn to the soul. Strings underneath, wood beneath, sympathetic vibrations, and the path beyond: all that exists until it’s finally translated into sonic airwaves for our ears, mind, and soul. And others’. From that beginning, and to that end is where the magic occurs, human-created and man-made. Mental and physical, action and hardware all interact, co-exist. Explore, with the Guitar Zombie, these disparate aspects that converge to make the whole".
Douglas Blair

Welcome to The Guitar Zombie, A completely nerdy blog about electric guitars for nerdy guitar maniacs. It is an offspring from the swedish blog Gitarrzombien but, for obvious reasons, in english. I will publish the most appreciated articles here for the english speaking guitarists. The articles will focus mostly on gear tests, playing techniques and interviews with prominent guitar players. 

The whole idea with The Guitar Zombie, as an art piece, is to deliver "valuable stuff to know" for beginners as well as experienced guitar players. They are both very passionate about there playing and also very curious to find out answers to the dark secrets and questions of "how to find the tone", "Michael Schenkers sweet-spot", "what is chunky rhythm", "MIJ", "intonation", "Floyd Rose or hard tail", "digital or all tube",  or "what  strings should I choose" etc. There are always more questions than answers, for everyone.

My ambition is to write and report in a more personal way compared to what other sites might do. My interviews with guitarists will focus on the creation process and the equipment, not only gear fetishism, but both...

Interviews coming up are:
(not in this specific order)

DJ Ashba, Guns 'n Roses & Sixx:A.M
Douglas Blair, WASP
Chris Robertson and Ben Wells, Black Stone Cherry
Mia Coldheart and Klara Force, Crucified Barbara
Dorian Sorriaux, Blues Pills
Maja Linn, Heavy Tigers
Clas Yngström, Sky High
Conny Bloom, Electric Boys
Robb Flynn, Machine Head
Robert Pehrsson, Humbucker
Chris Howorth, In this Moment
Mikael Åkerfeldt and Fredrik Åkesson, Opeth
Damon Johnson, Black Star Riders
Ryan Roxy, Alice Cooper Band
More to come...

I will come back to you soon with the first article. Stay Zombied...

/The Guitar Zombie

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