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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pykmax -An new way of using a guitar pick

For a while ago a reader asked me if i had tested the new "Pykmax", a innovative guitar pick. A piece of strange plastic that invite guitar players to a complete new way of playing. The designers behind Pykmax has created a product that actually add new values for some guitar players, not every one, but at least some of them.

I ordered one right away to check out what this thing was all about. I am a rather curious person, and sometimes this curiosity leads me to interesting experiences.

The price was a bit high for me, around 35 dollars including shipping, but that didn't stop me and after 3 days the package landed in mail.

By applying a handle to the the pick it offers a more stable playing, especially for beginners, although the company claims that the main target group also includes the pros. They say that it´s good for speed players, but I am a bit "sceptic" to that.

I think, though,  the idea is good, the is some times a hurdle  for many beginners, and reason for them leaving the guitar world. In this case the Pykmax offers a support and I´m sure that Pykmax works really good for beginners. I'm not a beginner, but I sure remember struggling with my picking hand.

To hold a Pykmax is pretty much like holding a pencil and it isn't strange at all and its very easy to learn how to use it, its a smart construction. The grip, which is made of wood, feels well designed and very smooth i the hand, but the colors? Well, not my cup of tea, it feels like an echo from the 80´s.

The actual pick feels pretty much like a normal pick, but a little too "soft and smooth" for my taste, but on the other hand there is no need for a "gripping" surface layer.

They are sold in three thicknesses: 0.6 mm. 0.88 mm and 1.0 mm. I like heavier stuff, like 1.4.

Here you can see and hear how it works ...

After playing with this thing for a couple of hours it became a bit constraining for some of my picking styles that I have developed over the years. But for some stuff it works fine. When I change between finger-picking and playing with the pick it's very smooth and the playing becomes much easier. But when I play stuff that requires active variety in my playing, like harmonics for instance,  it becomes problematic. In this situations the Pykmax feels a bit in the way and stops me. Maybe it's a matter of taste and a thing to get used to, I do not know.

This is not about something that is "black or white", I think. It won't  replace the normal "vintage pick", so pick lovers don't have to be worried that the Pykmax will take over the world some day. It sure adds some variety to some guitarists, especially those who wants to play with their fingers and thinks that it´s tricky to hide the pick in their hands. But most players will stick to the old ones.

I´m absolutely sure that the Pykmax´s not gonna boom the market. People are far too conservative, and many players will condemn it immediately.

The sad thing is that without the power of innovation and brilliant new ideas, the guitar industry would be awfully boring. Unless Jim Marshall, Leo Fender, Orville Gibson, Les Paul had violated the normative limits of their time, this blog hadn't exist and you hadn't read it.

The idea about Pykmax is undoubtedly good and the company behind it is definitely on to something interesting here. I like it very much, but a few weeks after I did the test I found the Pykmax laying there lonely on the amp...

3.5 zombies (5)

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