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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Review of MXR Berzerker Overdrive, from blues to really high-gain

I can't get enough of overdrive and high-gain pedals, it's like a food for a Guitar Zombie. The latest in the line that danced in here is an MXR Berzerker Overdrive. That fact that Berzerker is a signature pedal by Zakk Wylde is perhaps not exactly a novelty, he has a whole series of gadgets with his name on it. Zakk is known for its unbroken and painstaking experimentation with his tone, and this pedal is excellent, if used properly, that is. 

Many people misunderstand the Berzerker for recreating Zakks unique tone. Thats not true, its an overdrive. Its just how marketing works, it puts images in your mind. You do not play like Zakk or sound like him if you buy this pedal.

The Berzerker is an overdrive that is designed to add an extra form and an additional density to an already great gain structure. Zakk himself carefully point out that he uses it precisely for that purpose, to get more out of his amps gain.

Everything starts with a good sounding amplifier. But once you have got a great high-gain through your amp this pedal adds that extra "sustain" you might need for solos and or extra fat licks.

There is no point in running it on the clean channel, if you're in to high gain. But if you're looking for a slightly overdriven clean sound it works really fine. It is basically a well-balanced overdrive and gets my VOXAC15 to emit new fine blues tones. And the basic rule, that people talk about today, is to "roll off" the gain to a minimum, letting your hands and your heart do the bluesy job.

This pedal is  built for something else, namely bold and quite comprehensive gain to get that screaming monster riffing, without becoming muddy.

When I run it in a proper Marshall, which has that perfect high gain, I can kick in that extra amount of gain needed for blasting harmonics and massive power chording the man himself is known for.

The prize from 100-150 dollars makes sense, if you're looking for ultra-gain solutions for your already great amp.

4,5 Zombies (5)

Stay Zombied

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